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Noah KaganA dashing young entrepreneur speaks with a VC.

Noah graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in economics and business. Noah loves new technology and business news, he previously worked at Intel, Facebook and Mint.com. He is currently keeping it real with his own business, Kickflip, Inc. More information on what he is up to at Okdork.com =)

Coordinating Women 2.0:

Shivani Sopory

Is a recent addition to the working population. An auditing machine at a Big Four accounting firm, tearing through balance sheets and making sure that everything is in order. She is the Executive President of HFG Consulting and spends countless hours making sure Noah stays in-line. She also coordinates the women 2.0 events.

Wen-Wen Lam

Wen-Wen Lam is currently running marketing for Renkoo. When she isn’t out and about planning fun events with her friends, she can be found learning about marketing, bikram yoga, shopping, and keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip. Prior to Renkoo, she was part of the marketing team at LinkedIn.

Shaherose Charania

Shaherose is a cluetrain manifesto junkie and has been involved with consulting at e-Business Connection, the US Department of Commerce for SME’s, CGI and now TiE Global in Chapter development. Her daydreams rotate between: memories of her year living in Spain and ways to take the Internet to developing economies. Hazelnut gelato keeps her well grounded.

Angie Chang

Angie is a graphic and web designer-turned-entrepreneur who co-founded themintpages.com for the female market, recognizing the dearth of such websites riding the web 2.0 wave. Angie enjoys meeting like-minded women with an entrepreneurial spirit, and is always looking for help with her current venture! If interested, please email angie@themintpages.com.


Crowds of eager entrepreneurs heading to an Entrepreneur 27 conference.
We started out with a simple idea. Because it is always exciting to see what young entrepreneurs create, we wanted to initiate a conference especially geared toward these college students and young professionals. We didn’t want attendants to pay a lot of money to meet old people in a stuffy setting. Rather, together with BASES, we wanted to host a free event that provides a chance for young adults to gain some exposure, knowledge, and inspiration not only to the tech industry, but to what it’s like being your own boss.

Mission Statement

At Entrepreneur 27, we aim to:

  • Create an open forum for the stimulation and exchange of ideas
  • Generate opportunities to learn and inspire each other
  • Promote entrepreneurship in the technology area

Why 27?

After extensive research and studying trends, we found that most successful entrepreneurs have been under 27

Email us

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